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Les Singes Sont Ici

Les Personnes Folles Sont Ici

29 June
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Date Created:10/29/04
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Kjersti is absolutely crazy, for starters. She changes her hair like there is no tomorrow, and pursues the life of french like her ass is on fire. She's a liberal, and loves rock climbing and sky diving and swimming and bubbles. She seems to have a fixation for horror movies/books that no one has yet to curb. She LOVES piercings, and has twelve so far, but there are most definetly more to come. Above all, she believes there is some good left in the world, and hopes she isn't wrong. Oh, and she's extremely addicted to coffee.
Strengths: Friendly, spazzy, happy, generous, willing to forgive and forget, bouncy, music, adventerous
Weaknesses: Spoiled, self concious, too helpful, too addicted to coffee/frappuccinos
Special Skills: Singing, helping, Kuk Sool, minions, traveling, sleeping, cooking
Weapons: Coffee attack, biting, tickling, taroh cards to your face, friends, the power of coffee, dancing
Allies:: Anything coffee, pianos, friends, stripes, cats, chocolate! They will all defend her!

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I adopted a cute lil' pirate fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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