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I hate coughs, man.

Today was so awesome. First I got woken up by a call from Baird, and he drove over to pick me up, and we went to Jack 'N The Box, and got milkshakes and fries, and went to Millennium. I forgot my CD player, and so I thought I was going to have to wait around while everyone was in class, but I decided to sit in with Trevor and J.J (who knows Faye, my neighbor...so odd) and write about youth in America.
Lemme see, there were questions about what songs we thought would represent, and TV shows (lmao we had Simpsons and South Park), and what 5 things we didn't like. We didn't like how teens in America are raised with egotism, how we're so into materialism and so forth. It was funner than I expected. I also got to see Fi, which totally rocked my purple goat socks.
Then Baird and J.J and I jumped into his car, and drove to J.J's house. Hah, they ditched 7th period. Fucking car gave me a cut on my thumb. It was so funny though, because everytime Baird saw someone on the street, he would scream like a girl, and more often than not the person got the shit scared out of them. So anyways, J.J got food and dropped off his bag, and we drove down to Shattuck, and it was hilarious because I'm used to talking and walking around with people from Berkeley, and they don't go to a lot of places in Berkeley, so I was leading them around.
It took a while, but finally we all (Spencer, Beth, Harris, Toast, Gabe, J.J, Baird, and others) ended up at Cal, and hung out there for a while and waited for Jovia, and she came, Baird and J.J left, we hung out there some more, and finally walked back here to meh house, and they made soup. I kneed Spencer in the nut really hard (sorry sorry), and then he was okay. Thankfully. ... I hope he is, anyways. Then they all left to wander, and I've been hangin' out on the computer. I barely watch TV. I stake out my territory on my bed, and that's it. Back to my greek yogurt. It's REALLY good. And to ponder the response to this email that I wrote....eee. GREEK YOGURT WITH HONEY. IT'Z TEH SH17!
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